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Yuliya Malysh
Head of Product and Self Serve Business Growth в Miro
attention, bias, brainstorming, education, empathy, google chrome, hypothesis, innovation, interview, market (economics), mind, psychology, qualitative research, question, reason, research, sales, shareware, steam (service), team, touchpoint, usability, usability testing, use case
Jaleh Rezai
CEO & Co-Founder в Mutiny
analytics, best practice, brainstorming, brand, concept, end user, friction, goal setting, hypothesis, innovation, learning, motion, mutual exclusivity, problem solving, reality, reason, resource, shame, startup company, statistical significance, team, time, understanding, usability
Derric Haynie
Chief Ecommerce Technologist в Ecommerce Tech
advertising, agnosticism, airbnb, amazon (company), android (operating system), angel investor, apple inc., attention, audiobook, automation, beats electronics, behavior, belief, bias, blog, brainstorming, brand, brand awareness, brazilian jiu-jitsu ranking system, business, business marketing, business-to-business, buzzfeed, candy, chatbot, chief marketing officer, click-through rate, cold email, content marketing, coupon, creativity, credit card, culture, customer experience, customer lifetime value, digital marketing, digital marketing expert, distraction, domain name, dream, e-book, education, email address, email marketing, email spam, empathy, employment, entrepreneurship, experiment, facebook, faq, fiction, forbes, goal, google, google chrome, google play, growth hacking, hacker, hashtag, health care, hubspot, hypothesis, innovation, instagram, interest, internet bot, internet celebrity, internet meme, interview, inventory, investor, landing page, language, lead generation, leadership, lean startup, learning, lens, linkedin, livechat, luxury goods, market (economics), marketing channel, marketing communications, marketing strategy, mass media, mergers and acquisitions, microsoft excel, mind, mindset, mobile app, neo (the matrix), net promoter, netflix, news, nothing, onboarding, online and offline, opportunism, organizational culture, pay television, personal branding, personalization, philips hue, podcast, point of sale, pr newswire, pricing, promise, property, psychology, publishing, qualitative research, question, reality, reason, research, retail, risk, rotten tomatoes, sales, sampling (statistics), search engine optimization, serial killer, shareware, shopify, social media, spotify, spreadsheet, sql, startup company, statistical significance, statistics, steam (service), stitcher radio, subscription business model, sweepstake, take-out, target corporation, targeted advertising, team, technology, technology roadmap, the matrix, the new york times, the oracle (the matrix), the plain dealer, tik tok (song), tim kennedy (fighter), time, touchpoint, truth, twitter, ubm plc, usability, usability testing, use case, video game, viral phenomenon, vlog, web conferencing, web syndication, web widget, whatsapp, writer, youtube
Camila Borda Kaul
Head of Sales Development and Strategy в Google
automation, best practice, bouncer (doorman), brain, brainstorming, brand, business model, concept, consensus decision-making, creativity, daydream, decision-making, democracy, digital strategy, economy, essay, food industry, genius, global warming, google, history, idea, imagination, injustice, innovation, learning, leonardo da vinci, librarian, market (economics), mind, music, organization, pain, reason, recession, research, revolution, social inequality, space, supermarket, team, theory, thought, time, understanding, world economic forum, wright brothers
Vasil Azarov
Founder & CEO в Growth Marketing Conference
actual infinity, advertising, agile software development, agnosticism, airbnb, amazon (company), analytics, android (operating system), angel investor, application programming interface, attention, best practice, black lives matter, blog, brainstorming, brand, business marketing, business model, business-to-business, click-through rate, cloud computing, concept, consensus decision-making, content marketing, contract, conversation, cost per mille, creativity, customer relationship management, customer to customer, decision-making, democracy, digital marketing, digital strategy, direct marketing, e-governance, educational technology, email, entertainment, entrepreneurship, everything has changed, experiment, facebook, features of firefox, firefox, food industry, gmail, goal, google, google analytics, google chrome, google drive, google search, growth hacking, hairstyle, hashtag, hotjar, hubspot, hypothesis, idea, identity theft, infinity, innovation, instagram, instant messaging, insurance, intelligence, internet, inventory, investor, just-in-time manufacturing, language, lead generation, leadership, lean startup, learning, linkedin, login, mad men, market (economics), medication, memory, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft windows, mind, mission critical, mobile app, music, news feed, onboarding, organization, outlook.com, outsourcing, pain, password, personalization, price, pricing, privacy, product/market fit, program optimization, reality, reason, recreational vehicle, revolution, risk, sales, salesforce, sampling (statistics), science, search engine optimization, self-driving car, shareware, silicon valley, snapchat, social media, software bug, south african rand, space, startup company, supermarket, t-shirt, target corporation, team, technology, theory, thought, time, toyota, twitter, understanding, venture capital, web browser, web content, website, whatsapp, world wide web, zillow
Aristomenis Capogeannis
Cumulus Networks
advertising, analytics, automated teller machine, automation, brainstorming, business, customer satisfaction, education, go to market, market (economics), mount everest, omnichannel, predictive analytics, product lifecycle, sales, salesforce, search engine optimization, sherpa people, target corporation, tenzing norgay, touchpoint, web banner, wormhole
Hana Abaza
Head of Marketing в Shopify Plus
advertising, billboard, brainstorming, brand, business-to-business, content marketing, customer satisfaction, demand, dropbox (service), ikea, inception, innovation, nothing, online and offline, pricing, question, reason, retail, sales, shit, shopping, software framework, startup company, time
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