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Derric Haynie
Chief Ecommerce Technologist в Ecommerce Tech
advertising, agnosticism, airbnb, amazon (company), android (operating system), angel investor, apple inc., attention, audiobook, automation, beats electronics, behavior, belief, bias, blog, brainstorming, brand, brand awareness, brazilian jiu-jitsu ranking system, business, business marketing, business-to-business, buzzfeed, candy, chatbot, chief marketing officer, click-through rate, cold email, content marketing, coupon, creativity, credit card, culture, customer experience, customer lifetime value, digital marketing, digital marketing expert, distraction, domain name, dream, e-book, education, email address, email marketing, email spam, empathy, employment, entrepreneurship, experiment, facebook, faq, fiction, forbes, goal, google, google chrome, google play, growth hacking, hacker, hashtag, health care, hubspot, hypothesis, innovation, instagram, interest, internet bot, internet celebrity, internet meme, interview, inventory, investor, landing page, language, lead generation, leadership, lean startup, learning, lens, linkedin, livechat, luxury goods, market (economics), marketing channel, marketing communications, marketing strategy, mass media, mergers and acquisitions, microsoft excel, mind, mindset, mobile app, neo (the matrix), net promoter, netflix, news, nothing, onboarding, online and offline, opportunism, organizational culture, pay television, personal branding, personalization, philips hue, podcast, point of sale, pr newswire, pricing, promise, property, psychology, publishing, qualitative research, question, reality, reason, research, retail, risk, rotten tomatoes, sales, sampling (statistics), search engine optimization, serial killer, shareware, shopify, social media, spotify, spreadsheet, sql, startup company, statistical significance, statistics, steam (service), stitcher radio, subscription business model, sweepstake, take-out, target corporation, targeted advertising, team, technology, technology roadmap, the matrix, the new york times, the oracle (the matrix), the plain dealer, tik tok (song), tim kennedy (fighter), time, touchpoint, truth, twitter, ubm plc, usability, usability testing, use case, video game, viral phenomenon, vlog, web conferencing, web syndication, web widget, whatsapp, writer, youtube
Jim Sterne
Director Emeritus в Digital Analytics Association
ai for marketing, amazon alexa, artificial intelligence, autohotkey, big data, branding, computer keyboard, computer vision, data science, email, engineering, intelligence, job interview, landing page, machine learning, macro (computer science), marketing, mathematical model, microsoft excel, microsoft word, mind, outlier, predictive analytics, scripting language, self-driving car, spreadsheet, statistics, understanding
Scott Brinker
Chief Marketing Technologist, Co-founder & CTO в ion interactive
android (operating system), application software, automation, best practice, blog, brand, business value, common sense, communication, creativity, customer data platform, customer experience, customer service, database, decentralization, experience, fantasia (1940 film), google, google sheets, innovation, interview, justice, leadership, marketing plan, microsoft excel, mind, performance indicator, physics, pipeline (computing), programmer, research, salesforce, scrum (software development), software , spreadsheet, system, target audience, the sorcerer's apprentice, thought, top-down and bottom-up design, touchpoint, use case, value proposition, web application, world wide web
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