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Larry Kim
CEO в MobileMonkey
active listening, advertising, advertising campaign, business-to-business, chatbot, click-through rate, content marketing, cost per mille, customer experience, email, email marketing, facebook, facebook messenger, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–08, google, google ads, google search, hindsight bias, http cookie, initial public offering, inquiry, instagram, internet bot, landing page, lead generation, luxury goods, market (economics), messaging apps, mobile phone, news, news aggregator, news feed, online advertising, online chat, opt-in email, price, pricing, push technology, recession, sales, search engine optimization, sms, social media, software widget, startup company, sustainable development, telephone, telephone number, text messaging, twitter, viral phenomenon, website, whatsapp, wordpress, world wide web, youtube
Martin Gontovnikas
SVP Marketing & Growth в Auth0
augustine of hippo, automation, business, e-book, english language, experiment, facebook, gmail, google, happiness, innovation, linkedin, medication, money, online and offline, online chat, outlook.com, password, price, productivity, social media, technology, twitter, user (computing)
Vasil Azarov
Founder & CEO в Growth Marketing Conference
actual infinity, advertising, agile software development, agnosticism, airbnb, amazon (company), analytics, android (operating system), angel investor, application programming interface, attention, best practice, black lives matter, blog, brainstorming, brand, business marketing, business model, business-to-business, click-through rate, cloud computing, concept, consensus decision-making, content marketing, contract, conversation, cost per mille, creativity, customer relationship management, customer to customer, decision-making, democracy, digital marketing, digital strategy, direct marketing, e-governance, educational technology, email, entertainment, entrepreneurship, everything has changed, experiment, facebook, features of firefox, firefox, food industry, gmail, goal, google, google analytics, google chrome, google drive, google search, growth hacking, hairstyle, hashtag, hotjar, hubspot, hypothesis, idea, identity theft, infinity, innovation, instagram, instant messaging, insurance, intelligence, internet, inventory, investor, just-in-time manufacturing, language, lead generation, leadership, lean startup, learning, linkedin, login, mad men, market (economics), medication, memory, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft windows, mind, mission critical, mobile app, music, news feed, onboarding, organization, outlook.com, outsourcing, pain, password, personalization, price, pricing, privacy, product/market fit, program optimization, reality, reason, recreational vehicle, revolution, risk, sales, salesforce, sampling (statistics), science, search engine optimization, self-driving car, shareware, silicon valley, snapchat, social media, software bug, south african rand, space, startup company, supermarket, t-shirt, target corporation, team, technology, theory, thought, time, toyota, twitter, understanding, venture capital, web browser, web content, website, whatsapp, world wide web, zillow
Dan McGaw
CEO and Founder в McGaw.io
advertising, amazon (company), analytics, app store (ios), behavior, brand, business-to-business, cloud computing, consultant, consumer behaviour, conversation, credit card, customer experience, customer relationship management, customer to customer, data, data analysis, data driven marketing, educational technology, email, entrepreneurship, ethics, experian, facebook, food, gender, google analytics, google search, hotjar, hubspot, insurance, internet, it infrastructure, lead generation, mobile app, mobile phone, nothing, okcupid, online dating application, personalization, price, pricing, privacy, qualitative research, question, real estate broker, real-time computing, reason, retail, router (computing), sales, salesforce, self-driving car, service merchandise, smart tv, social media, software bug, t-shirt, target corporation, text messaging, tinder (app), twitter, understanding, utm parameters, web application
Suneet Bhatt
President and Board Chair в Boldr
automation, black lives matter, business, churn rate, content marketing, contract, credit, customer base, customer lifetime value, customer retention, decision-making, doing it right (scuba diving), entrepreneurship, everything has changed, firefox, goal, google chrome, incentive, innovation, internet, leadership, learning, linkedin, memory, microsoft windows, mobile app, monetization, onboarding, outsourcing, pain, plot (narrative), price, pricing, product/market fit, program optimization, reason, recreational vehicle, risk, sales, search engine optimization, startup company, subscription business model, target market, technology roadmap, time, value proposition, web browser, world wide web
Guy Marion
CEO в Brightback
advertising, airbnb, analytics, apple inc., automation, brand, business, business-to-business, causality, churn rate, credit, cross-functional team, customer base, customer lifetime value, customer retention, database, dependent and independent variables, doing it right (scuba diving), economics, economy, educational, empathy, experiment, forecasting, freemium, goal, google, google ads, incentive, innovation, instagram, inventory, learning, market segmentation, marketing, monetization, motivation, onboarding, online advertising, online and offline, plot (narrative), price, pricing, product lifecycle, product/market fit, reason, retail, sales, search engine optimization, second-language acquisition, startup company, subscription business model, synergy, target market, technology roadmap, time, unicorn (finance), value proposition
Nathan Latka
Founder в SaaS Database GetLatka.com
analytics, bank, blog, brand, business, competition, cost of capital, credit, credit card, customer lifetime value, customer relationship management, debt, equity (finance), exponential function, fee, hootsuite, interest, interest rate, investor, job interview, lego, leverage (finance), linkedin, loan, market (economics), onboarding, option (finance), oracle corporation, price, pricing, private equity, problem solving, revenue, small and medium-sized enterprises, stock, subscription business model, twitter, upselling, use case, valuation (finance), venture capital, venture debt, web conferencing
Emilia Chagas
CEO в GrowthHackers.com
app store (ios), batman, bill gates, business-to-business, customer, customer relationship management, employment, experiment, fear, goal, hypothesis, innovation, learning, love, mobile app, news, price, price floor, research, risk, telecommuting, twitter, unemployment
Valentin Radu
CEO & Founder в Omniconvert
advertising, analytics, bank, barclays, behavior, brand, consumer behaviour, customer experience, customer lifetime value, database, demand, disease, emotion, employee retention, facebook, financial crisis of 2007–08, germ theory of disease, google, google analytics, google search, hospital, hsbc, ignaz semmelweis, loan, market (economics), market segmentation, net promoter, nothing, pattern recognition, personalization, poverty, price, psychographic segmentation, recession, service economy, software as a service, starbucks, subscription business model, thomas cook group
Andy Johns
Partner в Unusual Ventures
analytics, bond (finance), business intelligence, capitalism, customer experience, customer satisfaction, dashboard (business), engineering, growth hacking, index fund, initial public offering, innovation, interest, investment, investor, jpmorgan chase, mutual fund, network effect, onboarding, price, rate of return, retirement, risk, steve blank, venture capital
Melinda Byerley
Founder в TimeShareCMO
analytics, bond (finance), business intelligence, capitalism, customer experience, customer satisfaction, dashboard (business), engineering, growth hacking, index fund, initial public offering, innovation, interest, investment, investor, jpmorgan chase, mutual fund, network effect, onboarding, price, rate of return, retirement, risk, steve blank, venture capital
Chris Yeh
CMO, Author, Investor, Speaker, Mentor в Blitzscaling
amazon (company), competitive advantage, ebay, facebook, instagram, jeff bezos, law, lyft, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), network effect, news, paypal, price, profit (economics), reid hoffman, sales, scientific method, sheryl sandberg, steve jobs, the social network, travis kalanick, uber, whatsapp
Ben Kaplan
CEO & Founder в PR Hacker
advertising campaign, alibaba group, amazon (company), analytics, apple inc., astrophysics, brand, brand awareness, business intelligence, business-to-business, cnbc, communication, competitive advantage, compulsive hoarding, ebay, facebook, fox business, gender, growth hacking, instagram, jd.com, jeff bezos, landing page, law, linkedin, lyft, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), mcdonald's, network effect, news, paypal, perception, pet, pit bull, price, profit (economics), proverb, reid hoffman, reputation, retail, sales, scientific method, security hacker, self-publishing, sheryl sandberg, social media, startup company, steve jobs, tablet (pharmacy), target audience, the martian (film), the social network, travis kalanick, twitter, uber, value proposition, waze, whatsapp
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