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Hoyin Cheung
Founder at Remo
amazon (company), android (operating system), app store (ios), brand, brand awareness, fake news, growth hacking, internet troll, interview, ios, ipad, language, linkedin, mentorship, microsoft powerpoint, mobile app, nothing, social media, spotify, startup company, telecommuting, thought, twitter, word-of-mouth marketing
Dan McGaw
CEO and Founder at
advertising, amazon (company), analytics, app store (ios), behavior, brand, business-to-business, cloud computing, consultant, consumer behaviour, conversation, credit card, customer experience, customer relationship management, customer to customer, data, data analysis, data driven marketing, educational technology, email, entrepreneurship, ethics, experian, facebook, food, gender, google analytics, google search, hotjar, hubspot, insurance, internet, it infrastructure, lead generation, mobile app, mobile phone, nothing, okcupid, online dating application, personalization, price, pricing, privacy, qualitative research, question, real estate broker, real-time computing, reason, retail, router (computing), sales, salesforce, self-driving car, service merchandise, smart tv, social media, software bug, t-shirt, target corporation, text messaging, tinder (app), twitter, understanding, utm parameters, web application
Emilia Chagas
CEO at
app store (ios), batman, bill gates, business-to-business, customer, customer relationship management, employment, experiment, fear, goal, hypothesis, innovation, learning, love, mobile app, news, price, price floor, research, risk, telecommuting, twitter, unemployment
Dan Olsen
Product Management Consultant and Trainer at Olsen Solutions
android (operating system), app store (ios), behavior, business-to-business, child, cost, credit card, customer lifetime value, feeling, gross margin, http cookie, insurance, integral, marc andreessen, marketing strategy, mobile app, netscape, occam's razor, percentage, product/market fit, qualitative research, twitter, web browser
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