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Nathan Latka
Founder at SaaS Database
analytics, bank, blog, brand, business, competition, cost of capital, credit, credit card, customer lifetime value, customer relationship management, debt, equity (finance), exponential function, fee, hootsuite, interest, interest rate, investor, job interview, lego, leverage (finance), linkedin, loan, market (economics), onboarding, option (finance), oracle corporation, price, pricing, private equity, problem solving, revenue, small and medium-sized enterprises, stock, subscription business model, twitter, upselling, use case, valuation (finance), venture capital, venture debt, web conferencing
Valentin Radu
CEO & Founder at Omniconvert
advertising, analytics, bank, barclays, behavior, brand, consumer behaviour, customer experience, customer lifetime value, database, demand, disease, emotion, employee retention, facebook, financial crisis of 2007–08, germ theory of disease, google, google analytics, google search, hospital, hsbc, ignaz semmelweis, loan, market (economics), market segmentation, net promoter, nothing, pattern recognition, personalization, poverty, price, psychographic segmentation, recession, service economy, software as a service, starbucks, subscription business model, thomas cook group
Tracy Eiler
Chief Marketing Officer at InsideView Technologies, Inc.
anthropology, attention, automation, bank, behavior, business, customer relationship management, data integrity, database, incentive, leadership, marketing automation, negotiation, outsourcing, prediction, prison, productivity, sales, scouts bsa, software , team, technology roadmap, twitter, upselling
1-3 of 3