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Anand Karasi
Founder at EngageDirect
advertising, amazon web services, analytics, big data, brand, business-to-business, customer relationship management, database, evaluation, google, google search, inbound marketing, linkedin, market (economics), prediction, proprietary software, sales, salesforce, startup company, subscription business model, vmware, web search engine
Braulio Medina
Mathematician and Growth Marketer
analytics, application programming interface, association rule learning, big data, coefficient of determination, correlation and dependence, decision tree learning, f1 score, linkedin, machine learning, naive bayes classifier, precision and recall, rapidminer, regression analysis, scatter plot, sentiment analysis, slope, social media, statistical classification, supervised learning, support-vector machine, unsupervised learning
Jim Sterne
Director Emeritus at Digital Analytics Association
ai for marketing, amazon alexa, artificial intelligence, autohotkey, big data, branding, computer keyboard, computer vision, data science, email, engineering, intelligence, job interview, landing page, machine learning, macro (computer science), marketing, mathematical model, microsoft excel, microsoft word, mind, outlier, predictive analytics, scripting language, self-driving car, spreadsheet, statistics, understanding
Siara Nazir
Head of Digital Marketing at Autodesk
advertising, amazon alexa, analytics, autodesk, automation, big data, chatbot, consciousness, digital marketing, direct marketing, employment, frozen (2013 film), general data protection regulation, ibm, instagram, landing page, linkedin, machine learning, search engine optimization, self-driving car, watson (computer), web analytics, world wide web, youtube
1-4 of 4