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Laura Borghesi
Senior Director, Growth Marketing at MongoDB (formerly at Stripe, Google)
acronym, amazon (company), attention, car, cognition, database, education, emotion, experiment, facebook, floor, global positioning system, google, laptop, menu (computing), metric (mathematics), mind, online chat, reality, reason, space, startup company, understanding, weight
Lance Loveday
CEO at Closed Loop
northstar metric, target customer, advertising, advertising channel, algorithm, analytics, art, automation, b2b and b2c marketing, behavior, brain, brand, business-to-business, car, cloud computing, computer keyboard, concept, cost per action, customer relationship management, database, decision-making, engineering, experiment, facebook, feeling, g suite, google, growth hacking, human, inventory, landing page, learning, leverage (finance), machine learning, marketing channel, mind, mobile security, online advertising, pattern recognition, real-time computing, reality, revenue, sales, science, search engine optimization, self-driving car, siri, space, successful, time, today (american tv program)
Justin Bauer
Head of Product at Amplitude
amazon (company), brand, car, customer experience, customer lifetime value, final good, governance, health, human, intelligence, internet, mars, mobile app, peloton (company), question, quickbooks, reason, retail, science, software , technology, turbotax, twitter
1-3 of 3