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Virginia Nussey
Director of Marketing at MobileMonkey
account-based marketing, advertising, chatbot, cost per action, customer experience, email, facebook, facebook messenger, instant messaging, internet bot, landing page, language and gender, menu, menu (computing), negotiation, opt-in email, personal message, personalization, push technology, social media, social media marketing, text messaging, web browser, whatsapp
Ajay Sampat
Engineering Manager, Growth at Lyft
application software, attribution (marketing), automation, budget, cost per action, cost per mille, customer lifetime value, economic equilibrium, facebook, google, kik messenger, landing page, linkedin, lyft, machine learning, mobile app, progress, reinforcement learning, return on investment, sales, social media, touchpoint, twitter, use case
Lance Loveday
CEO at Closed Loop
northstar metric, target customer, advertising, advertising channel, algorithm, analytics, art, automation, b2b and b2c marketing, behavior, brain, brand, business-to-business, car, cloud computing, computer keyboard, concept, cost per action, customer relationship management, database, decision-making, engineering, experiment, facebook, feeling, g suite, google, growth hacking, human, inventory, landing page, learning, leverage (finance), machine learning, marketing channel, mind, mobile security, online advertising, pattern recognition, real-time computing, reality, revenue, sales, science, search engine optimization, self-driving car, siri, space, successful, time, today (american tv program)
1-3 of 3