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Suneet Bhatt
President and Board Chair at Boldr
automation, black lives matter, business, churn rate, content marketing, contract, credit, customer base, customer lifetime value, customer retention, decision-making, doing it right (scuba diving), entrepreneurship, everything has changed, firefox, goal, google chrome, incentive, innovation, internet, leadership, learning, linkedin, memory, microsoft windows, mobile app, monetization, onboarding, outsourcing, pain, plot (narrative), price, pricing, product/market fit, program optimization, reason, recreational vehicle, risk, sales, search engine optimization, startup company, subscription business model, target market, technology roadmap, time, value proposition, web browser, world wide web
Guy Marion
CEO at Brightback
advertising, airbnb, analytics, apple inc., automation, brand, business, business-to-business, causality, churn rate, credit, cross-functional team, customer base, customer lifetime value, customer retention, database, dependent and independent variables, doing it right (scuba diving), economics, economy, educational, empathy, experiment, forecasting, freemium, goal, google, google ads, incentive, innovation, instagram, inventory, learning, market segmentation, marketing, monetization, motivation, onboarding, online advertising, online and offline, plot (narrative), price, pricing, product lifecycle, product/market fit, reason, retail, sales, search engine optimization, second-language acquisition, startup company, subscription business model, synergy, target market, technology roadmap, time, unicorn (finance), value proposition
Nathan Latka
Founder at SaaS Database
analytics, bank, blog, brand, business, competition, cost of capital, credit, credit card, customer lifetime value, customer relationship management, debt, equity (finance), exponential function, fee, hootsuite, interest, interest rate, investor, job interview, lego, leverage (finance), linkedin, loan, market (economics), onboarding, option (finance), oracle corporation, price, pricing, private equity, problem solving, revenue, small and medium-sized enterprises, stock, subscription business model, twitter, upselling, use case, valuation (finance), venture capital, venture debt, web conferencing
1-3 of 3