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Hana Abaza
Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus
advertising, billboard, brainstorming, brand, business-to-business, content marketing, customer satisfaction, demand, dropbox (service), ikea, inception, innovation, nothing, online and offline, pricing, question, reason, retail, sales, shit, shopping, software framework, startup company, time
Tara Bryant
Senior VP of Sales at Pipedrive
adele, attention, behavior, brain, cell (biology), cisco systems, cold calling, customer, data, docusign, dollar, dropbox (service), goal, invoice, mathematics, money, percentage, revenue, sales, sustainable development, tool, unemployment, webex
Darius Contractor
Head of Growth at Airtable
adolescence, brand, concept, database, dropbox (service), emotion, energy, experiment, innovation, landing page, mathematical optimization, money, pricing, psychology, reason, sales, sense, software development, spreadsheet, system, t-shirt, trade-off, value (economics), visual perception
1-3 of 3