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Emily Lonetto
Head of Growth at Voiceflow
accessibility, adolescence, amazon alexa, application software, automation, avatar (computing), behavior, brand, community, consultant, consumer behaviour, customer experience, digital marketing, discoverability, english language, expert, goal, google play, google voice, hard problem of consciousness, impostor syndrome, innovation, instant messaging, internet, internet of things, keyboard technology, laptop, linkedin, love, mentorship, mind, mining, mobile app, multimodal interaction, multimodality, omnichannel, online and offline, online chat, online community, reason, research, robot, résumé, science, self-service, siri, smart tv, smartphone, sound, speech synthesis, startup company, tax, text messaging, tool, truth, twitter, uncanny valley, understanding, user experience design, user interface, videotelephony, virtual world, voice user interface, voicemail, web design, web search engine, youtube
Allen Yesilevich
Head of Marketing and Growth at MC²
advertising, brand, business model, business-to-business, communication, compassion, consultant, consumer behavior, courage, creativity, customer, digital marketing, direct marketing, empathy, ethics, expert, facebook, goal, impostor syndrome, innovation, leadership, linkedin, love, mentorship, mind, mindset, mining, omnichannel, online and offline, online chat, online community, reason, research, résumé, social stigma, startup company, sustainability, tax, touchpoint, truth, twitter, value proposition, videotelephony, virtual world, youtube
LeTísha Shaw
Director, Product Marketing at UserTesting
consultant, expert, goal, impostor syndrome, innovation, linkedin, love, mentorship, mind, mining, omnichannel, online and offline, online chat, online community, reason, research, résumé, startup company, tax, truth, twitter, videotelephony, virtual world, youtube
Clayton Wood
CEO at Clayton Wood
advertising, affiliate marketing, analytics, arbitrage, backlink, bing (search engine), bounce rate, conversion rate optimization, digital footprint, digital marketing, digital strategy, drag and drop, expert, facebook, faq, gmail, google, google ads, google analytics, google chrome, google search, interactivity, keyword research, landing page, loan, local search (internet), long tail, mind, mortgage calculator, mortgage loan, news, nike, inc., pay-per-click, reddit, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, search engine results page, snapchat, social media, the beatles, web search engine, website, wikipedia, world wide web, yelp
Nadya Khoja
Chief Growth Officer at Venngage
advertising, attention, backlink, blog, brand, brand awareness, capitalism, content marketing, email spam, entrepreneurship, expert, facebook, future, goal, google, google search, humour, information, keyword research, landing page, leadership, linkedin, long tail, long-tail, longtail, luck, mind map, news, organizational culture, poverty, question, reality, reason, research, search engine optimization, social media, statistics, theory, twitter
Julie Zhou
Sr Director of Growth at AdRoll (division of NextRoll)
advertising, analytics, apple inc., attention, brand, content marketing, curriculum, customer engagement, diminishing returns, direct-to-consumer, expert, feedback, google search, influencer marketing, linkedin, marketing strategy, mindset, net promoter, organic search results, outsourcing, reputation, retail, search engine optimization, web search engine
Michelle Killebrew
Vice President, Head of Marketing at PwC New Ventures
analytics, blog, brand, brand awareness, business, business model, consultant, customer relationship management, digital marketing, expert, franchising, hierarchy, landing page, leadership, library, mergers and acquisitions, pricewaterhousecoopers, product/market fit, reputation, software , software as a service, startup company, website
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