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Camila Borda Kaul
Head of Sales Development and Strategy at Google
automation, best practice, bouncer (doorman), brain, brainstorming, brand, business model, concept, consensus decision-making, creativity, daydream, decision-making, democracy, digital strategy, economy, essay, food industry, genius, global warming, google, history, idea, imagination, injustice, innovation, learning, leonardo da vinci, librarian, market (economics), mind, music, organization, pain, reason, recession, research, revolution, social inequality, space, supermarket, team, theory, thought, time, understanding, world economic forum, wright brothers
Katie Dombrowski
US Segment Lead, Disruptor Brands at Pinterest
ad blocking, advertising, amazon (company), brand, brand loyalty, consumer behaviour, content creation, creativity, direct-to-consumer, emotion, feeling, future, idea, imagination, kitchen, love, mass media, metadata, mind, online advertising, pinterest, reality, shopping, vallco shopping mall
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