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Chris Ochs
Head of Sales at Factoreal
advertising, analytics, brand, click-through rate, customer engagement, customer experience, customer satisfaction, digital marketing, goal, goal setting, google search, inbound marketing, kaizen, lead generation, marketing strategy, motivation, return on investment, sales, social media, social media measurement, strategic planning, target audience, value proposition
Anand Karasi
Founder at EngageDirect
advertising, amazon web services, analytics, big data, brand, business-to-business, customer relationship management, database, evaluation, google, google search, inbound marketing, linkedin, market (economics), prediction, proprietary software, sales, salesforce, startup company, subscription business model, vmware, web search engine
Pete Von Burchard
VP of Sales at Wistia
advertising, binge-worthy content, brand, brand affinity, brand awareness, brand case, brand marketing, business-to-business, consumer behaviour, content marketing, digital marketing, discoverability, guerrilla marketing, inbound marketing, instagram, investment, itunes, mailchimp case study, mass media, netflix, new trend, online advertising, podcast, red bull, redbull, research, retail, social media, spotify, stranger things, subscription business model, target audience
1-3 of 3