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Michelle Killebrew
Vice President, Head of Marketing at PwC New Ventures
analytics, blog, brand, brand awareness, business, business model, consultant, customer relationship management, digital marketing, expert, franchising, hierarchy, landing page, leadership, library, mergers and acquisitions, pricewaterhousecoopers, product/market fit, reputation, software , software as a service, startup company, website
Guillaume Cabane
Growth Advisor at G2, Gorgias, Hull, MadKudu
advertising, alexa internet, apple inc., automated teller machine, behavior, brand, business-to-business, capital market, cappuccino, chatbot, concept, database, direct marketing, domain name, emotion, experiment, facebook, feeling, future, google, innovation, intuit, knowledge, landing page, library, linkedin, mind, organization, pain, perception, quickbooks, reason, retail, risk, sales, shopify, target market, touchpoint, truth, united parcel service, united states congress, world wide web, yelp, youtube
1-2 of 2