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Ajay Sampat
Engineering Manager, Growth at Lyft
application software, attribution (marketing), automation, budget, cost per action, cost per mille, customer lifetime value, economic equilibrium, facebook, google, kik messenger, landing page, linkedin, lyft, machine learning, mobile app, progress, reinforcement learning, return on investment, sales, social media, touchpoint, twitter, use case
Chris Yeh
CMO, Author, Investor, Speaker, Mentor at Blitzscaling
amazon (company), competitive advantage, ebay, facebook, instagram, jeff bezos, law, lyft, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), network effect, news, paypal, price, profit (economics), reid hoffman, sales, scientific method, sheryl sandberg, steve jobs, the social network, travis kalanick, uber, whatsapp
Ben Kaplan
CEO & Founder at PR Hacker
advertising campaign, alibaba group, amazon (company), analytics, apple inc., astrophysics, brand, brand awareness, business intelligence, business-to-business, cnbc, communication, competitive advantage, compulsive hoarding, ebay, facebook, fox business, gender, growth hacking, instagram,, jeff bezos, landing page, law, linkedin, lyft, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), mcdonald's, network effect, news, paypal, perception, pet, pit bull, price, profit (economics), proverb, reid hoffman, reputation, retail, sales, scientific method, security hacker, self-publishing, sheryl sandberg, social media, startup company, steve jobs, tablet (pharmacy), target audience, the martian (film), the social network, travis kalanick, twitter, uber, value proposition, waze, whatsapp
1-3 of 3