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Craig Zingerline
Founder at Growth Minded
adobe flash, credit card, entrepreneurship, firefox, free and open-source software, goal, mathematical optimization, open source, open-source software, recruit training, sms, startup company, statistical significance, sustainable development, technology roadmap, text messaging, twitter, web browser, web standards, wordpress, world wide web, y combinator
Travis Kaufman
VP Product Growth at Gainsight
adobe inc., behavior, brand, business, cold email, computer, customer experience, email spam, facebook, google, leadership, mathematical optimization, mindset, mobile app, onboarding, pinterest, retail, sales, self-service, software , time, touchpoint, use case, value proposition
Darius Contractor
Head of Growth at Airtable
adolescence, brand, concept, database, dropbox (service), emotion, energy, experiment, innovation, landing page, mathematical optimization, money, pricing, psychology, reason, sales, sense, software development, spreadsheet, system, t-shirt, trade-off, value (economics), visual perception
1-3 of 3