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Virginia Nussey
Director of Marketing at MobileMonkey
account-based marketing, advertising, chatbot, cost per action, customer experience, email, facebook, facebook messenger, instant messaging, internet bot, landing page, language and gender, menu, menu (computing), negotiation, opt-in email, personal message, personalization, push technology, social media, social media marketing, text messaging, web browser, whatsapp
Larry Kim
CEO at MobileMonkey
active listening, advertising, advertising campaign, business-to-business, chatbot, click-through rate, content marketing, cost per mille, customer experience, email, email marketing, facebook, facebook messenger, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–08, google, google ads, google search, hindsight bias, http cookie, initial public offering, inquiry, instagram, internet bot, landing page, lead generation, luxury goods, market (economics), messaging apps, mobile phone, news, news aggregator, news feed, online advertising, online chat, opt-in email, price, pricing, push technology, recession, sales, search engine optimization, sms, social media, software widget, startup company, sustainable development, telephone, telephone number, text messaging, twitter, viral phenomenon, website, whatsapp, wordpress, world wide web, youtube
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