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Carlos Hidalgo
CEO at VisumCx
amazon (company), anger, anxiety, apple inc., brand, contentment, creativity, desire, divorce, dream, facebook, happiness, human, love, marriage, occupational burnout, pain, reason, shame, single parent, sleep, stress (biology), sustainability, worry
Aditya Dhruva
CEO at Factoreal
automation, camera, computer, customer relationship management, digital marketing, enterprise resource planning, facebook, human, instagram, intelligence, lead generation, marketing buzz, marketing stack, marketing strategies, marketing strategy, martech, martech platforms, online shopping, photography, sales, single source of truth, snapchat, software , system, tax, technology, touchpoint, twitter
Rebecca Kline
GM & Growth at PagerDuty
analytics, automation, autonomy, brand, business, business model, computer security, cost, customer experience, devops, digital marketing, go to market, goal, leap of faith, nothing, productivity, sales, social media, software , sotheby's, touchpoint, use case, y combinator
Justin Bauer
Head of Product at Amplitude
amazon (company), analytics, behavior, brand, car, chart, competition, customer, customer experience, customer lifetime value, data, data governance, experience, final good, governance, growth marketing, health, human, intelligence, internet, intuit, intuition, iteration, mars, mobile app, organization, peloton (company), personalization, product, product managers, product marketing, question, quickbooks, reason, retail, sales, science, software , solution, symptom, technology, tool, truth, turbotax, twitter, user experience
Darius Contractor
Head of Growth at Airtable
adolescence, brand, concept, database, dropbox (service), emotion, energy, experiment, innovation, landing page, mathematical optimization, money, pricing, psychology, reason, sales, sense, software development, spreadsheet, system, t-shirt, trade-off, value (economics), visual perception
Oliver Yonchev
Managing Director at Social Chain
advertising, belief, brand, deception, dream, elon musk, entrepreneurship, fashion influencer, influencer marketing, instagram, internet, internet celebrity, knowledge, mark zuckerberg, music, news, nothing, psychology, social media, social norm, storytelling, technology, truth, twitter
Michelle Killebrew
Vice President, Head of Marketing at PwC New Ventures
analytics, blog, brand, brand awareness, business, business model, consultant, customer relationship management, digital marketing, expert, franchising, hierarchy, landing page, leadership, library, mergers and acquisitions, pricewaterhousecoopers, product/market fit, reputation, software , software as a service, startup company, website
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151-157 of 157